• Air Filters

    imageWe stock a full line of filtration products ranging from pleated filters in standard and custom sizes in addition to commercial grade filters such as rigid box and bag filters.
  • Service and Maintenance

    image One of the many value added services Con-Air Industries offers, this contract can be paired with filter fulfillment programs or can stand alone in conjunction with your facilities, or your customers’ preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning

    imageEliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms from your cooling towers helps ensure proper energy efficiency and assists in maximizing the life span of your equipment. Click here for more information.
Con-Air Industries, Inc

Since 1980 Con-Air Industries, Inc. has been the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of custom, odd and standard sized HVAC filtration products. Located in the heart of Central Florida, our state of the art 100,000 square foot facility stocks over 4,000 residential and commercial filtration products and is strategically paired with an award winning combination of preferred distribution contracts with manufactures such as EcoAire, 3M Corporation, and Specialty Chemical. This marriage of commercial distribution contracts enables Con-Air Industries, Inc. to serve HVAC contractors, school boards, hospitals, government agencies, and other large scale commercial facilities with a full line of HVAC filtration products in the most time and cost effective manner possible throughout the nation. Con-Air Industries, Inc. takes prides in our ability to provide high-quality filtration products designed to improve indoor air quality while promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental accountability.

In addition to our full line of HVAC filtration products, Con-Air Industries, Inc. offers a number of value added services, which include turnkey or custom HVAC Service Contracts, Cooling-Tower Cleaning, Fulfillment Contracts, and filter replacement services.


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